Pillars Of Success

"Paul Brown, Jack Canfield and the World’s Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals Reveal Their Success Secrets To Help You Live a Happier, Healthier and Wealthier Life."
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About the Author

Paul Brown

Paul Brown is CEO of Paul Brown Productions and the Former National Beverage Manager of Front Burner Brands. He is currently pursuing other projects in the beverage industry. As a beverage professional, endurance athlete and dedicated philanthropist, Paul Brown is driven to inspire and support others on their own journeys to success. In his professional life, Brown was an award-winning National Beverage Manager for Front Burner Brands and The Melting Pot Restaurants and is presently exploring new opportunities in the beverage industry. Within the fitness world, he holds the World Record for endurance on an elliptical trainer and plans to top his best in 2020 by completing 135 miles on an elliptical trainer in just 24 hours.

About the Book

Pillars Of Success

In working towards success, we wish to acquire pillars that best support and help us towards our mission- goals. These will often include gaining specific knowledge and developing new skillsets. We then use this knowledge gained from previous successes to move forward and achieve newer goals. Our foremost mission now becomes the accomplishment of our new goals; however, our current unique abilities may require us to acquire different pillars or methods to achieve them.

The pillars successful people most often utilize include specialized knowledge, planning, and perseverance. The greatest detracting elements are typically procrastination, inaction and analysis paralysis – these provide a convenient conduit to allow us to extract ourselves out of such ventures. To execute our plans, our desire to succeed must be greater than our fear of failure.

The Celebrity Experts®️ in this book have achieved success in various fields. By observation and following their methods, we can reduce the time we spend experimenting with our own procedures – often a trial- and-error approach. These authors invariably tried and likely failed many times in their efforts to reach their goal, but their mentoring can save you untold amounts of time and heartbreak on your journey to success. They can show you PILLARS OF SUCCESS you will most likely need to accomplish your goal.

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by Paul Brown

I had seen this quote or something very similar to it countless times in my life. It is by the Greek Philosopher, Epictetus, and although I understood the premise, I don’t know if I ever truly believed it. After all, we’ve all had things happen to us at one point in our lives that we just couldn’t overcome, right? Little did I know that one day I would put this quote to the test, and my life and that of my kids would lie in the balance.


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